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Even Greater Data Security with VDR services

The Virtual data room is one of the most secret tech concepts

Modern businessmen have to adjust quickly to the new requirements of the market to remain competitive and to keep their positions. The ability to maintain business relations with the partners worldwide is one of the main concerns of deal-makers: they have to stay in touch with the geographically remote stakeholders, to provide them with all the required data and to do it almost instantly.
A virtual data room is a service that provides businessmen with all the instruments necessary for the efficient execution of cross-national, as well as local, projects. Being an online repository a VDR is accessible 24/7 worldwide and for more info read this blog security-online.net. Hence, business trips and face-to-face negotiations are irrelevant now: all the documents can be shared, edited and discussed directly within the platform. As all the data uploaded to the room is synchronized on all the devices of an authorized user, the latter can keep on working even on-the-go.

Along with unprecedented accessibility, virtual data rooms have a lot of other features and benefits to offer. For instance, Q&A section allows the deal participants to discuss the documents online; email integration guarantees that user will get immediate notification when certain substantial activity takes place in a VDR; integration with Microsoft Office allows users to work with multiple file formats and to edit files in the room; advanced search system, filtering instruments, and in-document linking helps to navigate the system intuitively; bulk and drag-and-drop uploading tools allow the room owners to set up the platform and to update it in a few clicks; etc.

Functionality and convenience of virtual data rooms attract more and more users: deal-makers worldwide are looking for solutions that will facilitate their performance and help to maximize profit. As the demand for VDRs grows new vendors appear on the market. However, the one has to be attentive before entrusting confidential corporate information to a provider. It is better to cooperate with the most experienced and reputable vendors that have already proved their abilities to provide high-quality services.

iDeals is one of the top-rated VDR vendors. Its data rooms are equipped with all the standard options inherent to virtual platforms and also enhanced with a set of unique features developed especially for iDeals. One of the core reasons why iDeals can boast of the quality of its VDRs is the complex security system that protects the data and account on multiple levels.
The following features guarantee data protection from theft, leakage, misuse, unauthorized sharing, loss, destruction, etc.:

• strong 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit keys prevent viewing the data on devices of unauthorized individuals;
• 2-step user verification process implies that the user has to enter not only a regular password but also an additional SMS code that is different for every session;
• the room owners can restrict the user access by the time limit and IP address and, also, can revoke an access to the documents that have already been downloaded;
• dynamic personally-identifiable watermarks are embedded in documents and contain information on the user who downloaded or printed the document and on the time when an action was performed;
• “fence view” feature prevents camera-based attacks: PrintScreen button is blocked when a user works inside the room;
• due to activity tracking on a page-by-page basis, the room owners know who entered the room, when, which documents were browsed and how long for, etc. – there is no chance that a single action would remain unnoticed;
• the right to segregate users into permission groups and select files and folders that will be visible to certain groups ensures that there won’t be any unexpected information disclosure;
• regular data backups guarantee that the documents are not under the risk of being lost or destroyed in a case of emergency such as server breakdown: multiple data centers continuously mirror each other.

The military-level protection guaranteed by iDeals makes its virtual platforms attractive for the representatives of various industries such as investment banking, accounting, real estate, fundraising, life sciences, law, etc. All the operations by iDeals are ISO 27001 certified – the company cares about keeping up to the industry standards and guaranteeing the high-level security. Hence, when entrusting sensitive information to iDeals clients know that their data in under the strict and intent supervision and they don’t have to worry about cyber threats.

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